Hi all. My name is Mary Ann, and I live in the Pacific Northwest with my hubby and two lively boys. Welcome to Miracles In The Mess. I’m so glad to have you here!

My love of writing began in early elementary when I wrote my first poem titled “PIGS” for a PTA writing contest. You can probably guess what that poem was about. I was pretty much hooked from that moment on.

Someone once asked me why I choose to write and share my parenting experiences with people I don’t know personally. For me, it is pretty simple. When I was a new mom with a newborn at home, I felt completely overwhelmed. My sister recommended a particular parenting website she thought I would like. The mom who created this site was so real and honest. I related to so many things she shared, and she instantly made me feel like someone else understood what I was going through. Her words — the words from a complete stranger — were like a lifeline. I decided that if I could help one mom or dad feel less alone, or if one mom or dad could relate to something I wrote or shared on my site, then my personal mission behind this space would be accomplished. Sometimes what I write will be light-hearted and fun. Sometimes it will be heavy and hard. But in all of it, my goal is to be as authentic as possible.

So why the name? Parenthood can be messy–figuratively and literally. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the mess. But if we can look beyond the mess, we will certainly find the everyday miracles. Those moments where our hearts are bursting with love and pride for our kids. Those moments where we have a parenting breakthrough. Those moments where we get it “right.”

Thank you for being here!